Aluminium Reverberatory Furnace

Aluminium reverberatory furnace is used for melting and holding aluminium. The furnace capacity is designed to customer requirements on capacity and applications. Generally, the furnace is rectangular design, with main large lifting door providing clear and unobstructed access to the heating chamber for material charging, alloying, drossing,etc. there are two methods for pouring the molten : hydraulically tilted the furnace or by tapping hole.

Characteristics of furnace include :-
  • Combustion system with high velocity nozzle mix burners.
  • Furnace construction design enable large capacity of solid material to be charge.
  • Large door opening for ease of loading scrap and cleaning.
  • Automated operations by PLC control system.
MODEL Melting Rate (T/h) Batch Capacity (T) Heat Input (kW)
ARF-01 0.25 1 180
ARF-02 0.50 2 360
ARF-04 1.00 4 715
ARF-08 2.00 8 1,430
ARF-15 3.75 15 3,190
ARF-25 6.25 25 5,480